Student Planning Videos

Introduction to New Student Advisement and Registration 
This powerpoint presentation provides an overview of the advisement and registration process at CCM.

How to Log on to Titans Direct
Your user name and password are two of the most important pieces of information you will need to navigate Titans Direct.

Understanding Your Placement Evaluation for Math and English
Learn where to find and interpret your Math, English and Technology Literacy competency placement scores.

Planning and Registering for Classes Using Student Planning
Planning and registering for your courses is easy with Student Planning. Use the “view my progress” option and you’ll always be on target with registering for all the classes you need for your degree or certificate!

Planning a “Section” of a Course (not just the course itself)
Finding an open section of a course – time, day, location/manner in which it is taught –  will provide you with the information you need to build your schedule for an upcoming term.

Viewing A New Program/Considering Changing Your Major?
Click on the ‘View New Program’ box to see which classes in your current major will work in your new major. The curriculum checksheet link helps too!

Registering for Planned Courses
Registering using Student Planning on Titans Direct is a two-step process.  Clicking on the “register now” button will secure all the classes you planned and provide you with a secure schedule for the upcoming term.

Communicating With Your Advisor/s

All newly enrolled students will be assigned to a Student Success Specialist (first year advisor) to help with academic advisement and acclimating to college, as well as faculty advisor/s from the departments of their majors. Learn how to communicate with your advisors using Titans Direct.