Seeing the World

Through the travel program at County College of Morris (CCM), visiting other countries is not just flying overseas, staying in a foreign land or eating exotic foods. It’s an encounter with cultures that can really change your perspective, and, maybe, your future.

Under the auspices of the CCM Department of History, and in connection with EF Educational Tours, we have conducted past expeditions to Great Britain, France, Spain, Greece, Italy and Japan.

Each tour develops a love of exploration and travel. Travelers can explore the history that is embodied in the countless landmarks, ruins and museums that we visit.

A trip abroad can also help hone a student’s leadership skills and give them a global perspective they might not otherwise develop. Our travelers also have included parents, family members, staff, alumni, former faculty and friends of CCM.

Information Sessions

Prior to each trip, students and other prospective travelers are briefed at one of several recruitment meetings held on campus.

The meetings usually provide an overview of the tour offerings for the coming year. Those are then followed up with emails, private conversations and assistance in registering for the tours.

Attending the meetings can be beneficial to students and other prospective travelers even if they don’t take part in a trip as a session can open the doors of new possibilities.

Many of our travelers make acquaintances that continue beyond the trip, as friendships and common interests develop.

A number of CCM travelers typically end up catching the travel bug, as the program has produced numerous repeat participants.

The host company, EF Educational Tours, has several helpful methods for payment.

Life Lessons in Travel

The CCM tours help our travelers to realize their dreams of traveling, while also promoting the idea that each trip should be considered “a taste” of what can be experienced if a traveler returns to a destination again, either with CCM or on a private trip or cruise.

The journeys can also help travelers to see others as not so different from themselves. It can open their eyes to a world of possibilities. Experiencing new lands, peoples, languages and cultures helps us to appreciate others, as well as our own country. The commonalities between people far outdistance the politics and traditions that seem to separate us.

2021 Trips

  • Great Britain
  • France
  • Netherlands
  • Future travel to Europe in 2022

Contact Info

If you would like to speak with someone about the program, please contact:

Professor Craig Pilant
Department of History and Political Science
Demare Hall 313