At CCM we offer several distinct programs for high school students to get an early start on their future:

  • The Challenger Program provides students with the opportunity to enrich their education through college courses taken on the CCM campus.
  • College Readiness Now prepares high school students at partner schools with college and career readiness strategies to eliminate the need for English and Mathematics developmental courses before their first semester in college.
  • Dover College Promise offers a college path to specifically Dover residents.
  • Dual Enrollment, also known as Titan Express, enables students to take college-level classes at their high school taught by their teachers for credit at a a reduced rate.
  • Performing Arts Initiative, offered through the Challenger Program, is designed for aspiring performers to study music, dance and drama on the CCM campus.
  • Share Time Programs, offered in conjunction with the Morris County Vocational School District, provide students with the opportunity to spend part of their school day on campus taking college-level programs in Criminal Justice, Culinary Arts and Hospitality, Cybersecurity and Information Protection (CIP), and Engineering, Design and Advanced Manufacturing.
  • State-Issued High School Diploma¬†enables students who withdrew from high school to earn a NJ State endorsed high school diploma by completing (30) college credits at CCM.


Each program allows students to earn college credits that can be used towards an associate degree program at CCM.

Those who plan to attend another New Jersey college or university should refer to the state transfer website,, to determine what courses can be applied toward a degree.


“As an EDAM alumni‚Äôs proud parent, I can confirm that the program is simply, ‚ÄúGreat!‚ÄĚ It was an incredible experience throughout my daughter’s junior and senior years of high school. The professors and staff have always been kind, understanding and encouraging to their students. I am so grateful that she got to a point where she feels comfortable with taking college-level courses . . . and was able to complete her associate degree through the Challenger Program. Our daughter is confident in her work now and I couldn‚Äôt be happier seeing the transformation and pride in ‚ÄúWoman in Engineering.‚ÄĚ She has found a real passion for STEM after involvement with the EDAM program, participation in HUNCH and the Challenger program, and found that it allowed her to stand out in a crowd. Two years of her journey motivated her to work harder, which was enjoyable to experience!”

Chandramauli Amin

The Challenger Program

The Challenger Program allows high school students to earn credits toward a degree and experience college first hand as they take courses on the CCM campus. Information on how to enroll as a Challenger can be found here/.

College Readiness Now

College Readiness Now Program Goals

  • The goal of CRN is to prepare high school students at partner schools with college and career readiness strategies to eliminate the need for English and Mathematics developmental courses before their first semester in college.
  • Foster strong relationships with high school partners to enhance the transition to post-secondary education.

Who is Eligible?

  • Rising 9th graders
  • Current 9th ‚Äď 12th graders
  • Highest priority is given to students eligible for free and reduced lunch.
  • Students must demonstrate the need for additional support in Mathematics and/or English.
  • Students must be committed to college success.

What are the Benefits?

  • The opportunity to build academic confidence and explore linking academic pathways to career pathways.
  • To participate in a small group learning environment and self-paced digital learning platforms.
  • The chance to be placed in college-level Math and English by high school graduation and start your college experience.
  • The ability to fulfill high school requirements and be college ready.
  • Reduce college costs and time-to-degree completion.
  • To have access to 24/7 tutoring.

How Long Will it Take?

Academic Year and/or Summer Bridge Program Opportunities (Offerings May Vary by Year)

  • Semester or year-long transition development course and Accelerated Learning Program (ALP)
  • college-level courses with support
  • 5-week Summer Bridge Program

For More Information

Ms. Marva Cole-Friday, MS
Associate Director, Dual Enrollment and College Readiness Now Coordinator
Office: Student Community Center- Admissions Room 212G
Telephone: 973-328-5100

Dover College Promise

Dover College Promise offers motivated low-income middle and high school Dover students the opportunity to secure a college path by helping students and their families to address the academic and financial challenges of furthering a post-secondary education.  For more information please visit the  DCP page.

Dual Enrollment – Titan Express

Titan Express is a dual enrollment program that provides students with college-level courses that are taught at their high school at a reduced rate. The courses, which also fulfill high school requirements, are taught by high school teachers who work with CCM professors to meet college-level standards. The program currently is offered at Hanover Park Regional High School, Mt. Olive High School, Dover High School, Boonton High School and Randolph High School. Other high schools interested in establishing a dual enrollment program with CCM, should contact Donna Tatarka in the Office of Admissions at 973-328-5100 or

Click here for our Dual Enrollment Flyer

Titans Express Dual Enrollment Powerpoint

Performing Arts Initiative

As part of the Challenger Program, high school students who aspire to be performers can study music, dance and drama at CCM. More information on the program can be found here.

Share Time Programs

Share time programs, offered through the Morris County Vocational School, provide students with the opportunity to spend part of their school day at CCM taking college classes in specific program areas. Programs are offered in the following areas.

Criminal Justice

The Share Time Criminal Justice Program is for students interested in law, public safety, corrections and security. College courses cover such areas as public safety careers, criminology, policing, emergency management, juvenile delinquency, forensic science and cultural diversity.

For additional information, call the Morris County Vocational School District at 973-627-4600 ext. 277.

Culinary Arts and Hospitality

The Culinary Arts & Hospitality Program, housed in CCM’s state-of-the-art professional kitchen and dining room, a solid foundation of knowledge and management principles used in restaurant-style service, with real food truck experience, plus an introduction to baking.  Students learn through college-level work and hands-on activities. These studies can lead to careers in such diverse fields as hotels, restaurants, cruise ships, amusement parks, destination marketing, convention centers, country clubs, travel, tourism, event planning and other related industries that practice hospitality principles on a regular basis.

For additional information, call the Morris County Vocational School District at 973-627-4600 ext. 277.

Cybersecurity and Information Protection (CIP)

Students in the CIP program take information technology and cybersecurity courses at CCM’s Center for Cyber Security that focus on the technical skills and knowledge required to work in cybersecurity in both the public and private sectors. CCM was the first community college in New Jersey to be designated a National Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense Education by the National Security Agency and Department of Homeland Security. To gain that designation, CCM needed to demonstrate that its cybersecurity curriculum is aligned with national standards.

Students earn 39 college credits in classes focusing on information technology, network security, software engineering, ethical hacking, digital forensics and more, along with the Comptia A+ certification.

CIP students have multiple pathways after completing the two-year program. They can attend CCM for an additional year and earn an Associate Degree in Information Technology after which they can go directly into the workforce or transfer to a four-year program.

For additional information, call the Morris County Vocational School District at 973-627-4600 ext.277.

Engineering, Design and Advanced Manufacturing (EDAM)

Eligible high school students can take classes in engineering, computer science, technical applications, and earn a Certificate in Mechanical Computer Aided Drafting and Engineering Technology. Upon completion, students may then enroll in CCM’s mechanical engineering technology program for one additional year to earn their associate degree, transfer to a four-year college or university, or pursue workforce placement.

Students in the EDAM program also get to participate in HUNCH — the High School Students United with NASA to Create Hardware for the International Space Station. CCM was the first college to partner with NASA HUNCH. Projects the CCM students have worked on as part of HUNCH include creating parts for storage lockers and a system for keeping storage bags away from vents for the International Space Station.

For more information, call the Morris County Vocational School District at 973-627-4600, ext. 277.


EDAM was truly a life-changing experience for me. High school was one of my biggest struggles; from not being challenged enough to not fitting in with the other kids, I felt out of place and unwelcomed. EDAM was the spark to my fire, and I’m proud to call it my second home. It brought me so many opportunities and encouraged me to explore math and science as more than simply school subjects. I found more passion and drive in STEM through the program which pushed me to strive for that associate degree. When I was accepted into Carnegie Mellon, I knew it wasn’t because of my GPA or my grades; it was because of my drive, my fire, my ambition which was fueled by the EDAM program. Without this amazing two-year experience, I would not be where I am now, and I would be more lost than ever.

Khushi Amin

State-Issued High School Diploma

The State-Issued High School Diploma allows students to earn a state-endorsed high school diploma by completing 30 college credits at CCM. More information about the program can be found here/.