Welcome Challenger Student To The Performing Arts at CCM!

As part of the Challenger Program at the County College of Morris, high school students can now broaden their experiences by enrolling in Music, Dance, and Drama courses. This is a unique opportunity for aspiring performers who want to excel in “the triple threat” of music, dance, and drama. These courses will give students a foundation that will prepare them for his or her college program. The classes begin at 2:30 pm and continue into the evening. Please refer to the schedules listed below. Course descriptions can be found online. More information about our Department can also be found on the Music, Dance, and Performing Arts Department webpage. If you have any questions, please contact Marielaine Mammon, Chairperson, Music, Dance and Performing Arts Departments 973-328-5430 or mmammon@ccm.edu.

Students in Recording StudioMUSIC

MUS 011, Basic Musicianship, Tuesday, 6:45-9:30
MUS 101-104, Chorus I-IV, Monday & Wednesday , 2:30-3:45
MUS 112, Intro to Electronic Music, Monday, 4:00-6:45
MUS 127, Principles of Strings I, Tuesday, 3:30-6:15
MUS 129, Music Early Childhood, Thursday, 5:30-8:00
MUS 139-142, Wind Ensemble I-IV, Monday, 7:00-9:45
MUS 152-155, Piano I-IV, Wednesday & Friday, 2:30-3:45
MUS 152-155, Piano I-IV, Wednesday, 4:00-6:45
MUS 152-155, Piano I-IV, Wednesday, 7:00-9:45
MUS 159, Guitar I, Monday & Thursday, 2:30-3:45
MUS 163, Rock History & Culture, Wednesday, 5:30-8:15
MUS 165, Intro to Recording, Tuesday, 1:00-3:45
MUS 165, Intro to Recording, Monday, 4:00-6:45
MUS 165, Intro to Recording, Wednesday, 7:00-9:45
MUS 166, Intro Music Business, Tuesday, 7:00-9:45
MUS 201 & 202, Jazz Ensemble I & II, Tuesday, 4:00-6:45
MUS 203 & 204, Jazz Ensemble III & IV, Wednesday, 4:00-6:45
MUS 221-224, Chamber Ensemble I-IV, Thursday, 4:00-6:45
MUS 227-230, Oper Mus Thea Workshop I-IV, Tuesday & Thursday, 7:00-9:45
MUS 243, Mus Theater Audition, Monday, 2:30-5:15


DAN 141, Modern Dance I, Tuesday & Thursday, 4:00-5:25
DAN 146, Dance/Musical Theatre, Tuesday, 5:30-6:55




High School DramaDRAMA

DRA 110, Acting I, Monday, 2:30-5:15
DRA 210, Acting II, Wednesday, 2:30-5:15
DRA 222, Movement for the Actor, Tuesday, 2:30-5:15
DRA 116, 118, 216, 218, Dramatic Performance I-IV, Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 6:30-9:30


Note: Class offerings/days/times are subject to change each semester.