Congratulations on your acceptance to the County College of Morris!

Female studentHere are your next steps:

Step 1: Accuplacer Placement Test

Accuplacer placement test.  Your testing code and student ID number can be found on your acceptance letter. Please follow the link below for more information, including reviews for the Math portion of the test.

Note: You cannot meet with an advisor and register for classes until you take your placement test and your results are processed. This could take up to two weeks.   Learn more about the Accuplacer Placement Test at CCM.

You do not need to take the test:

  • OLD SAT: If you scored 530 or higher for¬†Math** and¬†540 or higher for Critical reading on the old SAT.
  • NEW SAT: If you scored 560 or higher for Math** and 590 or higher for Evidence Based Reading and Writing on the new SAT.
  • ACT: If you scored 23 or higher for Math** and 23 or higher¬†for English on the ACT.
  • PARCC: If you scored a 4 or 5 on the 11th grade English Language Arts PARCC test and a 4 or 5 on the Algebra 2 PARCC test.**
  • If you have earned credit for college level English Composition and Mathematics courses or have completed developmental courses at another regionally accredited college.
  • If you have taken the Math Accuplacer placement test at another college.¬† English Placement tests from other colleges are not accepted. Results should be sent to the¬†Testing Office for review and acceptance.
  • If you meet any of the exemptions above, please submit the appropriate documentation to the Admissions Office as soon as possible. ¬†All test scores and courses taken at previous institutions must be less than 7 years old to qualify for an exemption.


**All Students who¬†are exempt from the Math section of the placement test should sit for CCM’s College Level Math (CLM) exam. The CLM exam will allow the student to test directly into college-level Pre-Calculus or Calculus without having college algebra and/or college level pre-calculus courses. .¬† Students who apply for STEM programs and are exempt from the Math section of the placement test are required to take the ¬†CLM exam.

Step 2: Apply for Financial Aid (degree seeking students only)

Step 3: New Student Advisement and Registration

Once you have taken your placement test or have been exempt from the test, you will receive information regarding New Student Advisement and Registration during the registration period to the email address you provided on your Admissions Application. These sessions will allow you to meet with an academic advisor and register for your classes. If you have any questions about this process, email us at

Step 4: Join us for New Student Orientation

After registering for classes, you will receive an email invitation to New Student Orientation.

Step 5: Start your classes!

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