Fall 2018

Registration opened April 2, 2018 and is ongoing until the beginning of any term. Students are permitted to register online until the following dates:

18FA16 – 8/30/2018

18FA2W – 8/30/2018

18FA7E – 8/30/2018

18FA2M – 9/16/2018

18FA13 – 9/19/2018

18FA2L – 9/30/2018

18FA7L – 10/24/2018


Once registration opens, registering early will give you the best chance at availability in the classes you want.


New students to CCM should look for an email from nsar@ccm.edu for information on registering.

  • Resolve any holds on your account that would prevent you from registering
  • All full time, degree seeking students must meet with an academic advisor prior to registration for Fall/Spring semesters – your advisor will clear your advising flag at this meeting
  • Click for advisement information
  • If your Advisement flag is not cleared, you will not be able to register for Fall/Spring
  • Advisor clearance is not required for Summer/Winterim registration
  • Non-matriculated students do not need to meet with an academic advisor


Visiting students click here for important information – Visiting Students


Feel free to stop by the Records and Registration Office or contact us if you need more assistance. We would be happy to help and answer any questions you have.


Financial Aid Recipients – Financial Aid is only applicable toward course credits relevant to your current program of study (otherwise known as your “Major”).

Exception – Academic Advisor approved course substitution credits – Course Substitution Form (available in the Academic Departments) must be submitted to and processed by the Records and Registration Office.