Student Records – Adding a Proxy

  • Titans Direct gives students the ability to grant secure access to their academic and financial records to individuals of their choosing
  • Once you add a Proxy to your record, that individual will receive an email from with a username and an ID that they will need to access your Titans Direct portal
  • All proxies are enforced for a calendar year (proxy access ends on Dec. 31, 20xx) – you will have to add your proxy again for the next calendar year
  • Re-authorization will be needed at the end of the calendar year regardless of when authorization is given within the year
  • You may revoke proxy access at any time by editing your active Proxy and clicking “Remove All Access”


Steps to take to grant proxy access:

  • Log into Titans Direct
  • Click the “Person Icon
  • Click “View/Add Proxy Access
  • Add a Proxy” select “Another User
  • Enter all required information
  • Check the “Disclosure Agreement
  • Click “Submit