County College of Morris now offers several mini terms.  This diverse course schedule gives students a number of options for taking classes whether it be in the Fall, Winter, Spring or Summer!

Students will be permitted to continue registering for courses offered in any term until the first day of that term. Terms include:


  • FA15 – 15 Week
  • FA7E – Early 7 Week
  • FA7L – Late 7 Week



  • WI2W – 2 Week
  • WI4W – 4 Week



  • SP15 – 15 Week
  • SP7E – Early 7 Week
  • SP7L – Late 7 Week



  • SU10 – 10 Week
  • SU5E – Early 5 Week
  • SU5L – Late 5 Week
  • SU7W – 7 Week
  • SU3W – 3 Week


A few notes about registering/adding courses for any mini term:

  • Online/Hybrid Courses – Online/Hybrid classes must be added to your schedule the day prior to the start date of the term (not the start date of the class) – no exceptions can be made.
  • Registering for all other Courses – You will be able to add a class to your schedule provided that the class has not yet met. Once a class has been in session, you will not be able to add it to your schedule.
  • Titans Direct can be used to register/add a class to your schedule up until the day before the term starts, after that you need to visit the Records and Registration Office.
  • Closed Classes – classes may not be over enrolled, please do not ask us instead look for a course that is offered in a later starting term.

Academic Calendars

The Academic Calendar has important dates and deadlines for current and upcoming terms.  Term start, Term end, Add/drop, and withdrawal dates can be found by clicking the Academic Calendar link above.