Dropping and Adding Courses 

  • Students who wish to change their schedules and add courses can do so online on  Titans Direct prior to the first day of the term
  • Once the term has begun a class can only be added by submitting a request to Registrar@ccm.edu. If a class has already met one time, students will not be permitted to enroll in it. The only exception is the 15 week term, check the Records & Registration homepage for deadline to add a course to a 15 week term.
  • Students may not enroll in an online/hybrid class after the term has begun. All registrations in an online/hybrid class must be done prior to the  first day of the term.The only exception is the 15 week term, check the Records & Registration homepage  for deadline to add a course.
  • Dropping classes may be done online up until the last day of a refund for any given mini term. Students who merely stop attending classes without dropping the class will receive an F (failing) grade.
  • Courses officially dropped by the last day of the refund period in any mini term will generate a prorated tuition refund only and no inclusion on the student’s transcript.  Students should consult the Refund Schedule on the college’s website or at the Bursar’s Office prior to dropping a course during the refund period.
  • The Academic Calendar should be reviewed carefully for important dates including term start, last date of classes, last date to drop, last date to withdraw.

Withdrawing from Classes

To withdraw officially from a course, students must complete a Withdrawal Form or may submit a request electronically following the instructions on the Withdrawing from Courses page.  Merely notifying the instructor is not an official withdrawal. Students who officially withdraw from a course will receive a “W’’ designation. A “W” designation will not adversely affect the student’s GPA.  The withdrawal will be effective as of the date the student submits the Withdrawal Form to the Office of Records and Registration. Students who do not complete the course and who do not complete the withdrawal process will receive an “F” unless there are extenuating circumstances. If extenuating circumstances prevail, the student must contact the Office of Counseling Services to be considered for the late withdrawal process.

If a student drops courses within the refund period,  a refund of tuition will be processed according to the refund policy dates and no courses or grades will be included on the student’s transcript. Depending on the term and the week the student is withdrawing from he/she may receive withdrawal designations. However, the faculty member may still assign a grade of “F’’ if he or she properly notified the student by using the Faculty Notification of Possible Failure Form. After 75% of the semester is completed, students are committed to complete the courses and receive grades. A student who fails to officially withdraw will receive a grade of “F.” The “W” designation will not be issued after 75% of the course is completed unless extenuating circumstances prevail or without approval from the faculty member.

Download Withdrawal Form Here

Note to all financial aid recipients: Please contact the Financial Aid Office before withdrawing from classes. Withdrawing may affect the amount of aid you were awarded or the amount of aid you can expect to receive.