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Studentt groupBy becoming part of the Achieving the Dream (ATD) network, County College of Morris (CCM) has taken another major step forward in enhancing our focus on the success of our students.

As part of this network, we join more than 220 community colleges across the country that are strengthening their learning environments and the impact they have on all of their students so they can achieve their dreams.

Our goal as an ATD institution is to continue to build on the strong frameworks we already have in place. CCM is fortunate to have a great faculty, administrative team, staff and infrastructure to build upon. We anticipate many exciting developments as we move ahead as an ATD institution.

ATD is a national network committed to one fundamental belief: America’s community colleges should work together as a learning community to increase access and student success.



Dr. Anthony J. Iacono, President
Dr. Bette Simmons, VP Student Development and Enrollment Management

“CCM really wants you to succeed and grow as an individual.”


Jordan Rock, A.S., Business Administration, Class of 2019


CCM achieves student success through a gateway of holistic academic and non-academic support systems designed to foster resilience, independence, critical thinking and communication skills, while helping students identify and obtain personal and professional goals. By doing so, CCM enables students to complete a structured degree and/or certificate, and positions them for successful completion, transfer and/or workforce development in a diverse society.


At the end of the discovery and planning period that defines the first year of participation in the ATD network, colleges are asked to develop and submit an Action Plan. The plan describes how the institution will seek to improve policies, processes, and systems; maximize impact through the college-wide scaling of strategies; and align and allocate resources to support implementation.

You can download the CCM Action Plan here.

“It just made sense to start out at CCM, which has a great academic reputation. It was the best decision I ever made. The education I received at CCM was top quality.”


Lina Maria Alfonso, Chemistry, Class of 2013


“I’m Achieving the Dream … ARE YOU?

CCM currently offers a wide range of resources to assist students with successfully completing their degrees or certificates and to make the most of their college experience. To learn more, visit our Campus Services page.


The Institutional Capacity Assessment Tool (ICAT) was administered at CCM in early 2019. The ICAT considers seven integrated capacities: leadership and vision; data and technology; equity, engagement and communication; teaching and learning; strategy and planning; policies and practices. In early June 2019, the college held two Capacity Cafés to review the ICAT results and to provide faculty, staff and administrators with the opportunity to discuss ideas on how CCM can become a more student-centered institution.

The ICAT findings and Capacity Café ideas can be found here – CCM/ICAT Results & Capacity Café Summary

“The faculty and staff at CCM are really supportive. They assisted me in the GI Bill administrative process. They also motivated me to stay in school. At CCM, I was never a student number.”


Marvin Cadet, Digital Media Technology, Class of 2012

“County College of Morris gave me the ability to complete a highly marketable and affordable associate degree that allowed me to immediately join the workforce upon graduation. Thanks, CCM!”


Jeff Lane, Electronics Engineering Technology, Class of 2017


Bette Simmons – Co-Chair
Jan Caffie
Philip Chase
Jennie DeNaro
Samantha Gigliotti
Kari Hawkins
Maria Isaza
Bryan Lemme
Pam Marcenaro – Co Chair
Debbie Poetsch
Phebe Soliman
Rob Stirton
Alexis Thurman
John Urgola
Jill Wells
John Williford – Co-Chair

Anne Beacken
Teresa Birrer
Heather Craven
Dorothy Hollowell
Lisa Mathus
Edie Nelson
Jennifer Qvotrup
Bill Solomons
Deanne Stigliano
Sheri Ventura

Katrina Bell
Jefferson Cartano
James Hart
Maria Isaza
Kelly Meola
Marcia Picallo
Lynee Richel
Anthony Spagnuolo
Loryn Stoler
Susan Winston

Ana Figueroa
Kelly Fitzpatrick
Michelle Iden
Meimee Persau
Buffy Reilly
Harvey Willis
Maria Schiano
Phebe Soliman
Rob Stirton – Co-Chair
Donna Tatarko
John Urgola – Co-Chair
John Young

CCM - ATD 7 Capacities - Teams Breakdown
Capacities Co-chairs (1 staff & 1 faculty) Sub-Team Members
Leadership and Vision Bette Simmons and Alexis Thurman Heather Craven, Deanne Stigliano and Rob Stirton
Data and Technology Rob Stirton and Bryan Lemme Jennie DeNaro, Sue Winston and Sheri Ventura, Kelly Fitzpatrick
Equity Pam Marcenaro and Philip Chase Maria Schiano, Dorothy Hollowell, and Terri Birrer
Teaching and Learning John Williford and Katrina Bell Anne Beacken, Marcia Picallo, James Hart, Loryn Stoler, Alison Levitch and Jen Qvotrup
Engagement and Communication Kari Hawkins and Debbie Poetsch Kelly Meola, Jefferson Cartano, Donna Tatarka, and Lynee Richel
Strategy and Planning Jill Wells and Sam Gigliotti Edie Nelson, Maria Isaza, Phebe Solomon, and Shelley Kurland
Policies and Practices Jan Caffie and Bill Solomons Lisa Mathus, Sheri Ventura, and Anthony Spagnuolo
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