Kathleen O’Shea Boyajian – CCM Success Story

Katherine O'SheaHometown: West Chester, PA
Graduated: 1998
Degree: A.S. Biology Option
Current Position: Molecular Diagnostics Research Specialist


Best thing about being a CCM student: Not everyone has the opportunity to attend an excellent school for an affordable price. It was close to where I lived, the schedule was flexible and I was able to attend school while working. The type of classes that are offered at CCM (Social Sciences, Humanities, Mathematics) are of the same caliber as many 4 year institutions. The small class size and personal relationship I had with all of my professors was instrumental in my success.

Important instructor or staff member: I still remember all of my instructors and their commitment to excellence was what set the bar for the rest of my college experience.

Experience that stands out: I really enjoyed my time at the Tutoring Center as a Math Tutor. It actually prepared me for my position as a tutor for high school students that I had after I graduated with my Bachelor’s degree. I also loved having access to the weight-lifting and cardio equipment and could be found there almost daily.

Anything else to share?: There was a pervasive culture that an Associate’s degree from CCM was both an end goal for some students and a stepping stone for others. My classes included students of all ages, who all had different reasons for being there. I was accepted into my top choice schools including Cornell, University of Maryland, Ohio University and West Chester University of PA and I did not lose (nor would I have lost) any credits. It gave me the jumping off point I needed to obtain my Bachelor’s degree.

The opportunity to attend another university was because of (not in spite of) earning my Associates Degree at CCM. I have since attended some graduate school at an Ivy League Institution and have found that I am able to compete with the other students due to the education and strong foundation I received as a student at CCM. It has been invaluable, and as I have seen my career advance, I have never regretted it. It sets me apart from everyone else.

County College of Morris
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Randolph, NJ  07869