Our goal is to help you with telling your story, elevating your news and promoting events.

Decorative illustration

Planning Ahead

Production Timeline

Estimated lead times

Press releases and event publicity – 3 weeks
Social media – 2 weeks
Website – 2 weeks
Graphic design – 3 weeks (does not include print time)
Complex design requests – 4 to 5 weeks (does not include print time)

What You Need to Know

  • Projects accepted are contingent upon time and resources available.
  • Copy should be attached as a Word document. Please do not submit PDF, PPT, PUB, etc. The Word document should contain your final copy with minimal, if any, formatting. Do not use text boxes, graphs or charts in your Word document. These items should be submitted as photos, graphics or as an Excel file.
  • All materials and communications for external audiences must be reviewed and approved by MPR.
  • Final decisions regarding style, text phrasing, design, illustrations and placement are at the discretion of MPR to ensure the materials developed maintain a consistent brand image.
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