Welcome to the parent website at County College of Morris (CCM). Our hope is that this site will provide you with an easy way to begin exploring all that CCM has to offer. As a parent, you want the best college education for your student. Along with a talented and caring faculty, CCM has one of the highest transfer rates among community colleges in New Jersey, more than 50 associate’s degree programs, and an extensive range of organizations, programs and services to provide your student with a full-college experience. Take a look around and discover why CCM is the smart choice for an outstanding education at an affordable price.


What Parents Have to Say

“Affordability was absolutely important. But it’s not just about the money; it’s about what you get for your money. Jeff had other college options but we wanted a place that would optimize his potential to succeed. Our family has really come to appreciate the flexibility CCM offers students to engage in the learning process in a manner that suits and balances with their personal needs.”

Thomas Grace, Livingston


“This isn’t going to break anyone’s bank book for Courtney to figure out if nursing is really right for her … it makes more sense than finding out $60,000 later that it’s not what she really wants. Every professor at CCM went above and beyond Courtney’s expectations encouraging her to succeed.”

Veronica Costa, Randolph


“When Gabee got to CCM, she was able to feel free to be herself and not live to standards that people thought she had to live up to. She set her own standards, which, as I see it, she set at a very high level. The way to start is at CCM.”

Henry London, Randolph


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Support Services

CCM offers a wealth of support programs and services at no additional cost to help ensure your student’s success. Here are a sampling of those services.


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