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CCM Clubs and Organizations

Hard work and study in your classes at CCM will naturally lead to graduation, and, ideally, job offers or acceptance to a four-year college. But involvement in extracurricular activities can help you toward success as well.

Feeling “unconnected” to campus life is a major reason why many students leave a given school or give up on college altogether. Don’t let this happen to you!

Getting involved will enable:

  • Lasting friendships with fellow students, professors, advisors, community leaders, and others
  • Stress relief from schoolwork and new responsibilities
  • Time-management skills, enhanced by the need to schedule activities along with courses and study time
  • Career exploration through the development of personal contacts and experiences related to your interests and goals
  • Leadership ability and team player qualities that will carry over to professional life
  • A sense of community that will connect you to the campus community and the world beyond it

College Hour

We want to remind you of the fantastic opportunities available to you during College Activity Hour, which takes place on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12:30 PM to 1:45 PM. Many student clubs and organizations hold their meetings during this time, offering you a chance to connect with like-minded individuals, explore your interests, and build a sense of community on campus. This time slot is also perfect for participating in intramural activities, attending committee meetings, and enjoying various college-sponsored functions such as special lectures, films, festivals, and celebrations. Most classes scheduled during College Activity Hour can be accommodated at other times, ensuring that you can still maintain a balanced academic schedule while participating in these fun-filled activities.

Take advantage of the chance to enrich your college experience and make lasting memories. Get involved during College Activity Hour and make the most of your time here at CCM. For any questions please contact Campus Life, 973-328-5225.

Go Titans!


Student clubs and organizations at the County College of Morris form a nucleus of co-curricular activity where leadership and life skills are learned and refined in and out of classroom settings. Through participation in various academic, cultural, athletic, social, governance, or recreational organizations you have the opportunity for self-exploration and the development of relationships with other segments of the campus community: fellow students, staff members, administrators and faculty members.

As a CCM student, you are encouraged to join existing student organizations (there are over fifty clubs from which to choose) or to form new clubs that will promote interests that you might have. There are few restrictions involved in forming a new student club: all that is necessary is nine other interested students, a CCM faculty or staff member to serve as the advisor, and the completion of the Chartering Process. That’s it!

An organization must be officially recognized by the CCM Student Government Association and the College prior to requesting and utilizing College facilities for activity purposes.

Participate in the many student clubs, intercollegiate athletic teams, performing arts productions (music, drama, dance) and various other student activities at County College of Morris. Get involved – you’ll be glad you did.