Online classes are similar to traditional face-to-face classes in that there is a real instructor and fellow students.¬† There are grades, assignments, textbooks, lectures, readings, quizzes and tests along with due dates.¬† The main difference is that instead of meeting in a classroom, students “access” their class via a web site.¬† Distance Education classes are NOT independent study.¬† There is a weekly schedule, so the student needs to access the class a few times during the week to participate.¬† This may include discussions, see announcements and view changes.¬†¬†Many online courses will require the student to come to the campus for tests (check Titans Direct for on campus requirements).¬† Communication for online classes is through email, discussions and chats. Additional information (if provided by professor) is available under the semester offerings link.¬† Be sure to check out our 411 overview and orientation for Distance Education at CCM.



Virtual Campus (VIR) –Virtual Campus courses are fully online courses, certificates, or programs designed to provide students quality distance education consistent with the Virtual Campus‚Äô mission statement. Unless otherwise noted, Virtual Campus courses were developed to be taught without specific meeting times.¬† There is no on campus requirement.

Hybrid Instruction (VIR HB) ‚Äď Hybrid courses are a combination of the traditional face-to-face instruction and online sessions.¬† This may include some on-campus labs with reduced in-classroom time or other instructional designs that meet the needs of the course materials.


Before a student can register for any course, they must be admitted to the college through the Admissions Office.   If you are a visiting student, follow the instructions offered on the admissions link.  Registering for a distance learning course is the same procedure as for on-campus CCM courses.  If a section is closed, an online waiting list is now available in Titans Direct.   Distance Education courses have course caps and may be closed to enrollment.


Just prior to the start of the semester/session an email to your account  is sent to registered Distance Education students. All students (including visiting) have a CCM email account.  It will contain important information about logging onto Blackboard and general  information.  Remember, courses are not available for login until the first day of the term.


Be sure to check out the Student Guide to Distance Learning for all pertinent information regarding distance education at CCM.¬† Some instructors have mandatory orientation.¬† To check for mandatory orientations, please be sure to view Titan Direct. Check the Specific Course Information.¬†¬† Check out the orientation modules at ¬†THE 411 ‚Äď LEARNING at CCM

Still have questions?  Contact Distance Education at 973-328-5332 or email


Textbooks for distance education classes may come with special on line components.  Be sure that when you purchase your books from the bookstore, you request the book that corresponds to your section.  Some books come with special access codes.  You will need to enter a secondary site to complete your course work.  You may purchase books in person at the CCM bookstore or online at


Bb Student Mobile App is available in IOS, Android and the Windows app stores for free.  Please note the app may not mirror the full-version of Blackboard that you access via your desktop/laptop.

View Blackboard help for assistance with most commonly used tools in Blackboard.


Most often the assignment is typed, saved and then attached to an email, discussion posting, or assignment drop box.¬† The syllabus and assignment descriptions usually explain how assignments are to be submitted.¬† This will depend on the professor’s preference.¬† Questions regarding specific assignments should be directed to your professor.¬† For more information, please see the tutorial for help.


Tests and quizzes come in different formats.  Most are in the same format as a traditional face to face class. This includes multiple choice, fill-in, and essay.  Some tests are given online, within the content of the online class itself.  At CCM, many quizzes and tests are given on campus.  Please visit the  TESTING CENTER  online to set up an appointment, should you be instructed to have your test proctored on campus.  You must show a photo ID in order to take your test.  Remember, you will have to log in to your class with your password, therefore be sure to bring your password with you.  Often tests are timed and there are strict dates when the test is available. View Blackboard Testing Tips.  Additional information can also be found on the Blackboard website.

If you will not be available to come on campus for exams, contact the professor before taking the course and find out what accommodations can be made. Students living at a distance too great to come to campus, may arrange to have their exams proctored at an approved site near their home. Be sure to contact your instructor ahead of time to make the necessary accommodations.  Off campus proctored testing is provided at the Testing Center for CCM hosted courses.  Off-campus proctored testing can be done at any Testing Center certified by the National College Testing Association.  Contact the Testing Center at 973-328-5362 or  email them  for additional information.

Online Proctoring

Smarter Proctoring¬†is an online proctoring service that may be used in some of your courses.¬† This allows you to take your exam from the comfort of your home.¬† This automated service is available 24/7 and does not require scheduling.¬† Follow these instructions to get ready to take an exam with Smarter Proctoring. Maintaining a strong and stable internet connection is essential (ie: make sure no one else is using the internet while you’re testing.¬† Things like watching Netflix/Hulu or playing online video games will slow down the connection and may disconnect you from your exam.

Click this link to view Smarter Proctoring’s privacy and practices policy.

County College of Morris uses Smarter Proctoring for online exam proctoring. If a student does not want to use Smarter Proctoring, a student may choose to sit for a proctored exam at an authorized testing site. If a student chooses to use an authorized testing site, they must contact the faculty in writing no later than 10 business days prior to the scheduled exam. The student is responsible for any out-of-pocket fees.

Online Tutoring

Brainfuse РFree supplemental 24/7 on demand tutoring support and resources across a wide range of subjects.  Online tutoring is an added support service to assist all CCM students, especially those who may only be taking distance education courses.   Furthermore, online tutoring addresses the needs of students during the evenings, weekends, holidays, winter and summer terms, when the Center may not be open or operating with limited hours and available in-person tutors.