County College of Morris Practices Related to Verification of Identity


County College of Morris students registered for online courses have a secure user ID and password assigned to them by the College using a FERPA compliant procedure.  Students have the opportunity to change their password at any time and are encouraged to do so periodically.  This information is used for authentication into all college systems including but not limited to registration of all courses, including online.    All credit bearing courses and programs offered through distance learning methods verify that a student who registers for a distance education course or program is the same student who participates in and completes the course or program and receives academic credit through the use of a unique username and password.  All traffic to the Learning Management System (Blackboard) is secured using encryption.

Additionally, CCM students in online courses may be required to come to the college’s testing center or at an approved secure remote testing location to complete exams.

Students are responsible for providing complete and true information in the identity verification process, in accordance with the academic conduct policy  and as outlined in the College Catalog,  Student Handbook and syllabus.   All users of our online learning management system are responsible for maintaining the security of usernames and passwords.  Access credentials may not be shared or given to anyone other than the user to whom they were assigned for any reason.  Users are responsible for any and all uses of their online account.


Faculty are encouraged to include the Best Practices Strategies to Promote Academic Integrity, as adopted by the New Jersey Council Of Community Colleges in June 2009 when designing courses.


The privacy of students who enroll in online courses are protected under the College’s policies regarding student privacy, confidentiality and FERPA rules. These policies are published in the College Credit Catalog and on the College’s website .

County College of Morris does not charge a fee for student identity verification.