Welcome to Distance Education at CCM


For a full listing of Summer 2022 courses and to register, go to Titans Direct. In order to register, all students must complete an application for admission.  See the admissions web link for further information.


ONLINE (ONL) – A course where all instruction traditionally provided in class is replaced with instruction online. However, an online course may require an in-person student orientation and/or proctored test/assignments.

HYBRID (HYBR) – Hybrid courses are a combination of traditional face-to-face instruction and remote/online sessions.  This may include some on-campus labs with remote lecture, reduced in-classroom time, or other instructional designs that meet the needs of the course.   Students in hybrid courses should log into Blackboard on the first day of the semester, not the first on-campus meeting.

VIRTUAL CAMPUS (ONL-VIR) – Fully online courses, certificates, or programs designed to provide students quality distance education consistent with the Virtual Campus mission statement.  There is no on campus requirement.

Regardless of your chosen option, you will need access to a computer, a steady internet connection, a webcam & microphone.

REMEMBER, you cannot access your Distance Education class until after 8am on the first day of your term.


  • The 411 – Learning at CCM (orientation)
  • Student Guide to Distance Education getting started information and frequently asked questions in text format.
  • Be sure to  check Titans Direct for additional course specific information.  Specifically check comments for  any additional important course/section specific information.
  • Distance Education home pagehas additional resources, technical requirements, learning tutorials, Blackboard help, etc.
  •  Browser Checkto determine your computer’s compatibility with Blackboard.
  • CCM Student Email –  (lastname.firstname@student.ccm.edu) for log in and getting started information.  All registered students have CCM email.
  • TEST OF ONLINE LEARNING SUCCESS TOOLS (ToOLS) to get a good idea of your “chances for success” as an online student.