In order to participate in a distance education course from CCM, students MUST be familiar with their own computer, the internet, and basic software. The college does not provide software to students for their individual use. It is not a good idea to install new system updates during the semester. If you are having trouble with your computer, you should first contact your professor and let him/her know about the problem and seek an alternate way to submit work.¬†Computers ¬†equipped with the necessary software for online courses are available in the Library. Information on distance education technical requirements are available in the Student’s Guide to Distance Education. If you still require further assistance after viewing the guides, please call 973-328-5332. To complete a browser tune up and determine¬† whether your current browser and operating system are supported and additional Blackboard questions, check the Blackboard website.



  • PC computer running at 3.0 GHz CPU or greater with minimum of 4 GB RAM or better with Windows 7 or higher
  • OR an Apple Macintosh 10.12 or higher
  • 4GB RAM (8GB RAM or more is highly recommended)
  • Broadband or modem connection for the internet
  • Microphone and speakers (Webcam is strongly recommended)
  • Updated anti-virus software
  • Select Browser Checker¬† to determine your system compatibility with Blackboard



  • Web browser: Firefox or Google Chrome are supported browsers. ¬† It is extremely important that you use a supported browser when using Blackboard Learn so that all course content and the course tools properly display.¬†¬† We do not recommend Apple Safari or Microsoft Edge, and Microsoft Internet Explore is no longer a supported browser.¬† We recommend installing both Firefox and Chrome browsers for use with our technologies, especially if one results in an error message.¬† Please try using a different browser to see if you experience the same results.¬† Select¬† Browser Checker to determine your system compatibility with Blackboard.¬† You may email for assistance.
  • Pop-up Blockers must be disengaged. Blackboard contains many features that are pop-ups and must be allowed for full functionality of the course.



Your Professors may elect to use a number of additional software services within your courses.  These may include but are not limited too:



  • A variety of web-conferencing tools are currently being utilized at CCM.¬† Instructions for changing your virtual background in MS Teams, Web Ex, Shindig & Zoom can be found here.



Students should also have an email account. In addition to the Blackboard email that is used to communicate within a course, a CCM student email is also set up for each individual student of the college.  The college will only communicate with you through your CCM email account.


SafeAssign is a plagiarism prevention service offered by Blackboard.   Some faculty use it through the assignment box while logged into Blackboard.


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