Equipment Sign-Out Policy


Available technology for sign-out:
Hardware # Available Training Needed
 iPads 44
 Yes (iPad Grant
Recipients only)
 Flip Cameras 4 If Needed
 Turning Point Clickers 3 sets If Needed
 Headsets (for recording purposes) 2 No
 Webcams 2 If Needed

*For training, please contact CTL (

For equipment sign-out please follow the steps below:

Provide a minimum of 1 week (5 business days) of notice
Please complete the Technology Request Form
Pick up at the Center for Teaching Excellence (Sheffield Hall 120) and complete sign-out process
Return to Center for Teaching Excellence at the noted time
Please provide 24 hour notice for cancellation

*There may be a slightly different process if the pick-up/drop-off is outside CTL’s office hours.