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Addressing Faculty Concerns About Returning to Campus

Faculty Facilitated Sessions

Professional Day Sessions

September 2021

Outcomes focused, Student centered, Equity minded

Linguistic and Cultural Justice

NSF Grant Writing Process

Alternatives to the Research Paper

Using Zoom as Student Centered Software

Professional Day Sessions

January 2022

Opening Session

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Building a More Affordable Education

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Creating an Accessible Learning Environment

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Emotional Intelligence

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Escaping Fundamentals. Research on Utilizing Escape Rooms in Nursing Programs

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Fostering Care: Mental Health Awareness

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Supporting Student Success: Academic Advising

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Tutoring Center Resources Aimed to Increase Student Engagement and Success in Math and Science

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Using Discussions Effectively in Online, Virtual Campus, and Hybrid Courses

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May 2020 Professional Day Symposium



Counseling and Wellness Center

Caring for Student’s Playbook – Six Recommendations for Caring for Students