CCM’s Horticulture-Landscaping Continuing Education programs are designed for • Departments of Public Works • Professional landscapers • Grounds and Maintenance crews • Horticultural industry employees • Shade Tree Commissions

Municipalities and Landscape companies who send their workers for state-of-the-art training realize a significant Return-on-Investment with a skilled workforce that protects municipal and private investments of green space, including parks and open space properties. These training programs are offered locally at convenient times for working professionals.

Healthy and sustainable landscapes are a goal for all land stewardship personnel, and municipalities and landscape companies will benefit from safe and beautiful green spaces to higher property values. Currently, crew members that can properly assess tree health and hazards are in demand. A skilled workforce that can understand and respond to today’s landscape challenges is essential. CCM’s Landscape and Horticulture Department, in partnership with CCM’s Center for Workforce Development, offers classes that help prepare workers for professional certifications.


This course offers an overview of pruning practices for the most common woody plants in the landscape and garden.  The course emphasizes a plant species approach to addressing pruning practices including methods, timing and overall objectives.  Students will learn the best practices for improving the health, service life, structural integrity and aesthetics of popular landscape species.

INSTRUCTOR: Brian Oleksak, MS

Wed, Sept 13-Oct 4, 5-8 p.m.

On campus: LHT 110

4 sessions: 12 hours, CEU 1.2

Course: 88643

Cost: $329



This course prepares students for the NJ Pesticide Applicator Certification exam. Learn about the insects, diseases and weeds that are recognized as pests of ornamental plant materials and turf areas. The nature, structure and function of insect body parts, and the growth, habits, injurious effects and life cycles of pest organisms are studied in detail. Pesticides, regulations governing pesticide use and methods of selection and application are discussed with an emphasis on safety. Integrated Pest Management (IPM) techniques are stressed and students apply an understanding of IPM techniques to both greenhouse and landscape management. This course may be eligible for New Jersey Pesticide Recertification credits in both core and selected categories.

INSTRUCTORS: Craig Tolley, Mark Zukovich

Tues and Thurs, Aug 31-Dec 16, 5-7:45 p.m.

On campus: LHT 109

30 sessions: 79 hours, CEU 7.9

Course: 88644

Cost: $599