Our online classes are taught LIVE by an instructor. Students will need access to a computer and to the Internet. A desktop or laptop computer is preferred, but tablets and smartphones are also an option. CCM will provide access to any specialized software needed for the course.

Please note: A link to join a class will be sent by the instructor to registered students 1-2 days before a class is scheduled to begin.


The skills needed for every job, whether you are looking for a new job, pursuing advancement opportunities, or want to gain skills to become more productive in your current job, knowledge of the Microsoft Office suite of applications, and validation of proficiency, is crucial in today’s business environment. Your ability to thoroughly utilize Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and the newer productivity and communication applications will open doors and improve your ability to compete in the workforce.

With our courses, you can explore options to earn a Microsoft Office Specialist certification (MOS), and advance technology knowledge and skills in focused areas.


  • Reflect proven technical skills with an industry valued credential
  • Gain a professional edge by providing globally recognized industry endorsed evidence of skills mastery
  • Guarantee potential employers of your skill set competence
  • Increase your visibility and hiring potential
  • Realize higher wages – MOS certification can earn an entry-level business employee as much as $16,000 more in annual salary than uncertified peers
  • Build confidence and competency in using Microsoft applications

Upon earning a certification, 23% of Microsoft certified technologists reported receiving up to a 20% salary increase. What’s more, certified employees are often entrusted with supervising their peers—putting them on the fast track for a promotion. (


Prerequisite: Basic Windows knowledge and computer skills.

Could you use a basic tutorial on Microsoft tools that are on PCs? This beginner-level course is an introduction to the most popular Microsoft Office applications: Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint, as well as MS 365, the cloud-based version of the MS Office package. Students with no prior MS Office experience should start with this course and progress to the essentials courses, with a goal of becoming a certified MS Office Specialist. MOS-117

INSTRUCTOR: Patricia Callahan

88731.  3 sessions: 6 hours, CEU 0.6
Time: 6-8 p.m., Wed, Sept 16-Sept 30
Cost: $129



This program is for individuals who have a desire to become proficient in understanding and applying the features of Microsoft Word.

In today’s office environment, Microsoft Word is used to create most all documents. Whatever your job title, a mastery of Microsoft Word is essential. In this course, learn to create and manage professional quality documents with ease, while streamlining your work process and improving efficiency.  

Word Essentials begins with the basics of creating and working with documents, expands to templates, lists, tables and borders, continues with special formatting, tools such as spell check, readability statistics and references and culminates with powerful tools like mail merge, tables of contents, indexes and much more.  Topics covered align with the core Word Microsoft 2016 Office Specialist (MOS) certification exam.  The knowledge gained in this program will prepare individuals to be successful in obtaining their certification.

Electronic textbooks are included in this course.  Receive a 50% discounted exam voucher for the MOS Word Specialist Core Exam at CCM’s state-of-the art Test Center.  The exam voucher, a $150 value, will be available to you for $75 and includes your test access code with GMetrix self-study modules, GMetrix timed exam practice sessions, 1 practice exam, the Certification Exam and 1 exam retake  CCM’s state-of-the art Test Center is located in the Learning Resource Center. MOS-310

Instructor: Laraine Gilberti, BA

88734.  8 sessions: 28 hours, CEU 2.8
Time: 9 a.m.-12:30 p.m., Sat, Oct 24-Dec 19 (no class Nov 28)
Cost: $429



Excel is Microsoft’s product that creates spreadsheets, and then allows you to work with the data in the spreadsheets in a variety of simple to sophisticated ways. Learn to create, modify and format worksheets, modify cells, columns and rows and print and manage workbooks. Learn formulas, insert functions, use conditional formatting and templates, as well as create and modify charts, construct pivot tables and master many other of the amazing Excel tools. This course will teach you the essential Excel skills to make yourself invaluable to any organization. Start with the Essentials class and keep going until you are certified. Enhance your skills with our Special Topics in Excel to boost your resume even further. This course will prepare individuals to be successful in obtaining their Excel Microsoft 2016 Office Specialist (MOS) certification. Electronic textbook is included in this course. MOS-311

INSTRUCTOR: Rreze Zejnullahi-Berisha, MA

88733. 8 sessions: 28 hours, CEU 2.8
Time: 9 a.m.-12:30 p.m., Wed and Fri, Oct 16-Nov 11
Cost: $429


88735.  8 Sessions: 28 hours, CEU 2.8
Time: 9 a.m.-12:30 p.m., Sat, Oct 24-Dec 19 (no class Nov 28)
Cost: $429

Instructor will contact students with instructions for connecting online.



Prerequisite: Experience working with Excel.

How can you work with large amounts of spreadsheet data to isolate and display all of the information you need? This course will introduce individuals to using pivot tables, a tool that allows you to summarize and analyze large quantities of data quickly and easily. Based on the calculation features that the pivot table provides, learn to make raw data easy to understand and analyze. Learn how to create pivot charts from the pivot table for a dynamic graphic representation. WDT-159

Instructor: Rreze Zejnullahi-Berisha, MA

88100.  1 session: 4 hours, CEU 0.4
Time: 8:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m., Mon, Oct 5

Cost: $159


Prerequisite: Experience working with Excel and basic pivot tables.

Advances in technology have made it possible to store ever increasing amounts of data. The need to analyze that data and gain actionable insight is greater than ever. You already have experience working with Excel and creating basic pivot tables to summarize data, but Excel is capable of doing much more. Being able to harness the power of advanced pivot table features and create pivot charts will help you to gain a competitive edge. You will not only be able to summarize data to analyze, but also organize the data in a way that can be meaningfully presented to others. Data-driven business decisions will now be made with a stronger understanding of the underlying data. WDT-176

Instructor: Rreze Zejnullahi-Berisha, MS

88101.  1 session: 4 hours, CEU 0.4

Time: 8:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m., Mon, Oct 19

Cost: $159


Prerequisite: Understand and use Intermediate Excel functions.

If you have competency with Excel and are ready to move on to the next level, explore Advanced Functions and how they can help you save time at work. Learn how to analyze data using advanced formula skills by focusing on functions from various categories within the function library. Acquire skills to create conditional formatting rules using formulas, perform complex calculations using Array formulas and use wildcard characters to help filter results. WDT-177

Instructor: Rreze Zejnullahi-Berisha, MA

88102. 1 session: 4 hours, CEU 0.4

Time: 8:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m., Mon, Nov 2

Instructor will contact students with instructions for connecting online.

Cost: $159


Prerequisite: Proficient/intermediate knowledge of MS Excel.

Learn how data science is applied in business. Explore concepts in correlation, regression analysis, hypothesis testing and multivariate analysis. Learn how correlation helps to understand portfolio diversification and design. ‘What If’ analysis will be covered utilizing the Solver and Go Seek features of Excel. Students will need to save their work to their local computer or a flash drive. CPC-635

Instructor: Rreze Zejnullahi-Berisha, MA

88873.  3 Sessions: 8 hours, CEU 0.8
Time: 6:30-9:15 p.m., Mon, Oct 12-26
Cost: $299


Prerequisite: Proficient Intermediate knowledge of MS Excel.

Make your Excel spreadsheets much more powerful. Learn to record macros and the about basics of VB programming. The course will teach you to read, write and debug VB code, how to pass lists and floating variables though VB, use conditional statements and create input and message boxes. At the end of this course, you will be familiar with the VBA programming language as it applies to Microsoft Excel and will apply this knowledge to make interactive and fully functional spreadsheets. Students will need to save their work to their local computer or a flash drive. CPC-624

Instructor: Kelly Fitzpatrick, MA

88874. 3 sessions: 6 hours, CEU 0.6
Time: 6:30-8:30 p.m., Tues and Thurs, Dec 10-17

Instructor will contact students with instructions for connecting online.

Cost: $299



PREREQUISITE: Basic understanding of Microsoft Windows.

Outlook is Microsoft’s tool for managing your email, contacts, and calendars. In this course, you will learn to use Outlook to send, receive and manage email messages, manage your contact information, schedule appointments and meetings, create tasks and notes for yourself and customize the Outlook interface to suit your working style. Don’t have a disorganized inbox; learn to use Outlook’s powerful features to stay on top of messages and schedules. WDT-139

Instructor: Patricia Callahan

88103.  3 sessions: 6 hours, CEU 0.6
Time: 6:30-8:30 p.m., Wed, Oct 14-28
Cost: $199




Prerequisite: Basic understanding of Microsoft Windows.

Presentations can sometimes be monotonous, but with Microsoft PowerPoint they can be compelling and eye-catching. Master the basic features and functions of Microsoft PowerPoint, a powerful presentation tool. Perform advanced text editing, add and create graphics, modify objects and animate presentations. WDT-135

Instructor: Patricia Callahan

88104.  2 Sessions: 4 hours, CEU 0.4
Time: 6:30-8:30 p.m., Wed, Nov 11-18
Cost: $159



Prerequisite: Solid comfort level using a computer and assorted software programs. This course will be using a live instructor-led video conferencing tool (WebEx), The course consists of two live virtual sessions, short exercises and an at-home practice assignment in between sessions. The requirements for your participation are: a home computer/laptop, Internet access, audio and video/camera on your computer, and ideally have the Microsoft web browser ‘Edge’ on your computer prior to class (it might already be loaded on your computer even if you aren’t using it).

Microsoft Teams is the robust upgrade replacement for Skype for Business. Teams is the pivotal communications app included in Office 365. It maximizes and heightens both group and one-on-one work collaboration. Navigate the interface and features, as well as its seamless tie-in with Microsoft OneDrive. Learn to create and manage teams, send instant messages, initiate and manage audio and video conferencing, share, edit, and present files in an online meeting, set up scheduled meetings, create impromptu gatherings, share your screen, record meetings using Microsoft Stream, as well as add other program apps and web resources to any of your Teams.

Instructor: Rita Williams-Bogar, MBA, CPCU, ARM, AU, AINS, ChFC

88106.  2 sessions: 6 hours, CEU 0.6

Time: 1-4 p.m., Mon and Wed, Sept 21-23

Cost: $199



Microsoft OneNote is a powerful tool that provides a wide range of features for all users. Getting the most out of those features is the focus of this workshop. Topics covered in this workshop include creating and customizing notebooks, formatting text, drawing shapes, picture tasks, customizing pages, using page templates, working with sections, syncing a notebook, managing notebook properties and OneNote files. The course also covers tools for editing, sharing , and collaborating.

Instructor: Rita Williams-Bogar, MBA, CPCU, ARM, AU, AINS, ChFC

2 sessions: 4 hours, CEU 0.4

Time: TBD

Cost: $159

Even if you do not take one of CCM’s Microsoft Office courses, you can still sit for a Microsoft Office Specialist Certification at the conveniently located CCM Testing Center in the Learning Resource Center.

  • 77-725: MS Office Word 2016
  • 77-726: MS Office Word 2016 Expert
  • 77-727: MS Office Excel 2016
  • 77-728: MS Office Excel 2016 Expert
  • 77-729: MS Office PowerPoint
  • 77-731: MS Office Outlook

CCM’s examination fee is $150 and includes GMetrix self-study modules, GMetrix timed exam practice sessions, 1 practice exam, the Certification Exam and 1 exam retake.

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