Opportunity Programs for Adults with Developmental Disabilities


It’s not too late to enroll in our Opportunity Programs for Adults with Developmental Disabilities. The Culinary and the Baking Opportunity Programs begin on January 30.  Contact Director Irena Kaler to expedite the registration process – ikaler@ccm.edu or 973-328-5085

These are great programs for young adults and transitional high school students with developmental disabilities.

Families may be eligible for funding from their service providers. Talk with your transition coordinator, DDD or DVR counselor for more information.

The Opportunity Programs for Adults with Developmental Disabilities offers a Certificate of Completion to students who complete all of the hours of instruction. The curriculum affords an introduction to the skills needed to be successful in various work environments.

The goal of this program is to teach basic skills that may transfer to employment with local establishments. This course is not meant to teach independence skills; it is a prevocational training program.

Click on the program titles below to learn more about the curriculum, and to review the qualifications needed to be accepted into each program.


Current Opportunity Programs at CCM:

Opportunity Programs under development:


Questions? Contact Workforce Development at wfd@ccm.edu or 973-328-5187