Our online classes are taught LIVE by an instructor. Students will need access to a computer and to the Internet. A desktop or laptop computer is preferred, but tablets and smartphones are also an option. CCM will provide access to any specialized software needed for a course.

Please note: A link to join a class will be sent by the instructor to registered students 1-2 days before a class is scheduled to begin.

Have you ever thought about becoming a teacher? If you have a Bachelor’s degree, but do not have teaching certification, then this program may be right for you.

County College of Morris, in collaboration with Brookdale Community College, offers prospective teachers the opportunity to obtain their New Jersey K-12 teaching certification through Brookdale’s Alternate Route to Teaching Community College Program (ART-CC).  ART-CC is a 400-hour teacher preparation program.  This non-credit, professional development program provides candidates with the skills and strategies necessary to become excellent, successful teachers.

For individuals to become a licensed teacher without completing a traditional teacher training program, you must already hold a Bachelor’s degree (or higher) with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or greater if you graduated September 2016 or later.  For candidates completing degrees before that, a GPA of 2.75 or higher is required.

Candidates complete the 50-hour Introduction to Teaching-Preservice course at CCM. Following that, the remaining 350 hours are spread across six courses of online learning, at Brookdale:  Processes of Teaching and Learning (novice level, 90 hours), Deep Learning and Effective Cross Content Applications/Literacy (intermediate level, 60 hours), Educational Equity and Cultural Diversity (intermediate level, 50 hours), Assessment –Planning, Instructing, and Assessing (expert level, 50 hours) edTPA (expert level, 40 hours), and A Community of Practice (leader level, 60 hours).  Students may enter the first of the six Brookdale courses, Process of Teaching and Learning, without a contracted teaching position; however continued enrollment in the program requires students to have a full-time contract teaching position and enrollment in the NJ Department of Education, Provisional Teacher Program.  Completion of the ART-CC program, along with a passing grade on the edTPA portfolio, will confer the NJDOE CE-VOPC (Continuing Education—Verification of Program Completion). A Standard Certificate will be issued after the candidate successfully teaches for an additional two years.

If you are considering this program, please review the NJ Board of Education’s website for a comprehensive description of what the entire program entails.

Before beginning the alternate route to teaching process, prospective candidates should review the following websites:


This 50-hour course requires 30 hours of classroom training, 8 hours of observing other NJ certified teachers and 12 hours of direct student contact as a substitute, tutor or after-school program teacher.

INSTRUCTOR: Robert I. Grundfest, M.Ed.

Mon, Sept 19-Nov 21, 6-9 p.m.


10 sessions: 30 hrs, CEU 3.0

Course: 88521

Cost: $299


  1. Concurrently during the preservice phase, candidates should:
  • Complete the NJDOE requirements to obtain a Certificate of Eligibility to teach. See the NJDOE website for the required documents.
  1. A Provisional Certificate will be issued by the NJDOE through the school district in which the candidate works after the candidate completes the 50 hours of preservice, accepted an offer of employment, confirmed enrollment in an alternate route to teaching program and is enrolled in a district mentoring program.

CCM’s Pre-service Introduction to Teaching meets the entrance requirements of Brookdale Community College and NJCU.  For further information on the Brookdale program, email Emily Potts at or refer to the Brookdale website at Brookdale Community College ART-CC Program  Individuals who would like to obtain master’s level credits while completing an alternate route to teaching program should review the requirements of New Jersey City University’s New Pathways to Teaching program.  NJCU New Pathways to Teaching Program (masters credits option)

Please note: A Certificate of Eligibility is not required to register for the CCM pre-service course.

To enter the 350 hour semester phase of the program a candidate must possess a Certificate of Eligibility (CE) from the NJ DOE and successfully pass the Praxis II.  Candidates are required to have a contract teaching position as the teacher of record (not a teacher assistant or substitute) and must be enrolled in the Provisional Teacher Process (PTP) to enter the 4 semesters of training.

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