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Degree and Program Choices

Area of Study Degree Certificate
Computer Science X  
Networking X  
Humanities - Social Science X  
Advanced Mechanical Analysis   X
International Studies X  
Electronic Music X  
Turf and Turfgrass Management X  
Business Administration X  
Computer Software Applications   X
Exercise Science Specialization X  
Landscape Management and Design X  
Musical Theatre X  
Respiratory Therapy X  
Landscape Contractor   X
Drama X  
Digital Media Technology X  
Personal Trainer   X
Criminal Justice X  
Radiography X  
Routing (CISCO CCNA)   X
Fire Science Technology X  
Social Studies (Sociology) Education Specialization X  
English for Speakers of Other Languages    
Public Health X  
Management Information Systems X  
Agribusiness X  
Biology Education Specialization X  
Dance X  
Early Childhood Education X  
Broadcasting Arts and Technology, Media Studies X  
Mechanical CAD   X
Technical Studies X  
Finance   X
Restaurant and Culinary Management (NRAEF Certification) X  
Mathematics X  
Social Studies (History) Education Specialization X  
Design X  
Spanish Education Specialization X  
English Education Specialization X  
Chemical Technology X  
Chemistry Education Specialization X  
Basic Telecommunications Fundamentals   X
Teacher Education X  
Social Studies (Psychology) Education Specialization X  
Basic Electronics   X
Culinary Arts   X
Culinary Arts and Science X  
Digital Technology   X
Engineering Science X  
Administrative Support 0356   X
Systems Networking   X
Journalism, Media Studies X  
Chemistry X  
Exercise Science X  
Technical Support X  
Graphic Design X  
Computer-Aided Drafting Technology   X
Advanced Electronics   X
Public Administration X  
Game Development X  
Telecommunications Systems Technology X  
Horticultural Apprenticeship Programs   X
Electronics Engineering Technology X  
Visual Arts X  
Mechanical Engineering Technology X  
Information Security   X
Business Career X  
Early Childhood Development   X
Landscape Design   X
Nursing X  
Occupational Therapy Assistant X  
Biology X  
Music X  
Grounds Maintenance   X
Garden Center   X
Media Technology   X
Biomedical Equipment X  
Restaurant Mgt. and Event Planning   X
Mathematics Education Specialization X  
Photography Technology X  
Biotechnology X  
Web Development   X
Music Recording X  
Small Business Management   X
Hospitality Management X  
Communication X  
Assembly and Testing   X
Engineering Technology   X
Visual Arts Education Specialization X  
Administrative Support X  
Environmental Science X  
Human Services X  
James Howard

Faculty Spotlight

James Howard

As an industrial designer, Howard holds a number of patents including a cardiovascular inflation device to take care of clogged arteries.