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General Education at CCM

The courses that the state of New Jersey requires you to take in order to earn a degree at CCM are divided into two categories.

  • General Education Courses: These are the courses that ensure you obtain a well-rounded college education by providing foundational skills, exposure to other disciplines, and the ability to be a life-long learner.
  • Core Courses: These are the courses that pertain directly to your major. They may or may not also be classified as General Education Courses.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • General Education courses provide you with a solid academic foundation that will help you succeed in your major area of study. Communication skills, the ability to analyze problems from multiple perspectives, and the ability to use technology will all help you excel in your core courses.
  • General Education courses broaden your general knowledge of academic subjects and expose you to different perspectives and ways of thinking. This breadth of knowledge and understanding will allow you to grow and contribute to society.
  • General Education courses provide you with skills that many employers seek and value in their employees.
  • General Education courses enliven your appreciation of cultures, people, and principles of life, providing balance in an age of global awareness and technology.