General Education courses prepare you to succeed in your chosen profession. Regardless of your career choice, when you enter the work force you will need effective communication and critical thinking skills to analyze situations, make informed decisions, and think broadly and creatively. By providing you with these skills and exposing you to other branches of learning, general education classes will prepare you for a successful and rewarding career.

Frequently Asked Questions

General Education courses provide you with skills that employers value. Research has shown that when employers are making hiring decisions, they look for candidates with the following skills:

  • The ability to effectively communicate orally and in writing
  • The ability to work effectively with others in teams
  • Ethical judgment and decision-making
  • Critical thinking and analytical reasoning skills
  • The ability to apply knowledge and skills to real work settings

These are all skills that are emphasized in your general education courses.

General Education courses prepare you for change, whether that change comes from advancing within your chosen career or from changing careers.

Many people change careers multiple times throughout their lives. A broad education will help prepare you to make those career transitions and be aware of other career options that you may be interested in pursuing.

Whatever your academic or career goals, general education can set you on an enriching path for success today and in the future – a path that has meaning and worth in all aspects of life.