General Education courses provide you with knowledge and skills important to your success in your core courses at a four year university.

Whatever your academic goals, general education can set you on an enriching path for success today and in the future – a path that has meaning and worth in all aspects of life. Talk with the CCM Transfer Services office about how your General Education courses can transfer.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • The foundational skills of critical thinking, written and verbal communication, quantitative reasoning and technology that you acquire in your general education classes will contribute significantly to your success in your junior and senior level major courses.
  • Exposure to ideas and knowledge from other areas of studies in science, the humanities, social science, history and diversity will help provide context and insight to the core courses you take at your transfer university.

General Education courses taken as part of your AA or AS degree will usually satisfy all of your foundational general education requirements at New Jersey public colleges and universities and many other four year schools.