Welcome New Employees and Volunteers!

Prior to you first day of employment at the college, we ask that you review and complete the necessary paperwork required for employment.  Please select the appropriate category based on your position.  If you have questions, please contact one of the following members of HR:

  • Karyn Norberg – for benefits related questions – knorberg@ccm.edu
  • Lori Sanchez – for questions related to employment paperwork – lsanchez@ccm.edu
  • Erica Lewis – for questions related to adjunct paperwork – elewis@ccm.edu


The completed documents should be downloaded and forwarded to: CCMnewhire@ccm.edu .  After completing the paperwork below, please read the Policies and Programs & Notices below.  You will be asked to verify you have done so on the Acknowledgement sheet.  We look forward to seeing you on your first day of employment.  Welcome!

All Volunteers

The following forms are required for all individuals who will be volunteering at the college: