Graduates of the Landscape and Horticultural Technology Program have many opportunities for rewarding and high-paying careers

Examples of careers which students may pursue include:

  • Landscape designer
  • Landscape contractor
  • Landscape management professional
  • Golf course superintendent
  • Turfgrass or sports field manager
  • Arborist or tree care professional
  • Nursery or greenhouse manager
  • Plant propagator
  • Garden center manager
  • Irrigation specialist
  • Landscape lighting specialist
  • Pesticide applicator
  • Horticultural sales and marketing representative


Students who achieve an AAS degree in Landscape and Horticultural Technology also may transfer to four-year institutions to earn advanced degrees. Advanced training may allow students to pursue careers as a landscape architect, plant biologist or pathologist, agronomist, plant breeder and geneticist, and horticultural therapist.