Marielaine MammonThe #1190 Liberal Arts and Sciences – Humanities/Music Option degree is tailored to students wishing to pursue a career in music. The program consists of curriculum that is universally required of music majors in the first two years of any four-year program and prepares students to transfer to programs in primary and secondary music education, music therapy and music performance.


The #2006 Musical Theatre degree is a unique major for aspiring performers. This program is designed for students who wish to excel in the “triple threat” of music, performance and dance. The program provides a foundation for transfer to a Bachelor of Music, Bachelor or Arts, or Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree. Musical Theatre majors will learn to read music and audition with the proficiency required for transfer to a four-year institution and/or audition for legitimate theater.


The #2170 Music Technology – Music Recording Option is designed to prepare students for entry into the exiting career of music recording. County College of Morris is proud to be one of the only schools in the state to offer such a program. The program gives students the knowledge required to seek entry-level employment in the recording industry, or continue their studies at a four-year institution. In addition to the program’s focus on music recording, this program also provides students with the core musical knowledge needed to succeed in music-related careers beyond the recording studio.


The #2171 Music Technology – Electronic Music Option introduces students to the history, equipment, and techniques of composing, arranging, and performing music using electronic technology. Students will learn theory and have hands-on experience with analog and digital technology, MIDI, sampling, sound output systems, and digital recording. Students will also use computer technology to create electronic music and learn techniques and application of software programs dealing with music recording, notation, sound editors, and sound libraries.


The #4170 Associate in Fine Arts Dance degree, an internationally renowned program, is designed to provide students with the competencies necessary to achieve seamless articulation into a Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.) program.  The program focuses on technical training in ballet, modern, and other forms of dance as well as choreography, dance production, and movement science classes.  Artistic development is emphasized.


Professor Marielaine Mammon
Chairperson, Department of Music, Dance and Performing Arts