Financial Aid Students in Need of Books?

In accordance with Federal Regulations, students with eligible financial aid can receive an advance of the anticipated refund to accommodate their needs for books and necessary supplies. This is done through a Book Advance process and is redeemable only at the County College of Morris Campus Store.


Do you qualify?

First, check your account via Titans Direct to determine if excess aid is available (a negative balance). If so, an advance of your refund is available at the Campus Store for books. Remember to bring updated photo ID.


Amount Available?

Depending on the aid remaining on a student’s account, the maximum advance is $600 for a full time student and a prorated amount based upon the appropriate scale for a part time students.


What if I don’t use my entire advance?

Any remaining financial aid or unused advance amounts will be credited directly back to your account and returned to the student once their financial aid is applied. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Bursar’s Office.


What if my aid is reduced?

Should your aid be reduced after you have purchased books and supplies, you will be billed.


Can I utilize a book advance during the summer?

No. There are no book advances for summer sessions.