Payment Due Dates

Please acknowledge that once you have registered for a course, you incur a financial responsibility to the college. Full payment must be received in the Bursar Office by close of business, or made on-line by midnight, on the due date as identified below. Partial payments cannot be accepted. Student accounts not paid in full by the due date will be subject to penalty fees and can result in the cancellation of the student’s entire schedule. If another party is assisting with payment, please make them aware of your account balance and payment due date.

Fall 08/04/2022

* Any new registrations or additions to an existing schedule after the payment due date must be paid that day to avoid a late fee or deletion. Always check your account on Titans Direct after any registration.

Fall 2022 Refund Dates

75% Refund 50% Refund
Semester 100% Refund Start End Start End No Refund
22FA15 08/30/2022 08/31/2022 09/07/2022 09/08/2022 09/14/2022 09/15/2022
22FA2W 08/30/2022 08/31/2022 ONLY 09/01/2022 09/02/2022 09/03/2022
22FA7E 08/30/2022 08/31/2022 09/02/2022 09/06/2022 09/07/2022 09/08/2022
22FA13 09/13/2022 09/14/2022 09/20/2022 09/21/2022 09/27/2022 09/28/2022
22FA7L 10/25/2022 10/26/2022 10/28/2022 10/31/2022 11/01/2022 11/02/2022