At CCM, we understand the financial impact of a college education is a large undertaking. To help plan accordingly, please carefully examine the following chart on tuition and fees.  *If viewing this page in mobile, turn to landscape view*

Tuition and Fees
Cost per Credit - Effective Summer 2020
In County Residency Out of County Residency Out of State Residency
Tuition 144.00 144.00 144.00
Differential Fee 144.00 270.00
College Fee 29.00 29.00 29.00
Total Cost per Credit 173.00 317.00 443.00

Cost per Course
Technology Fee 14.00
Registration Fee 7.00
Lab/Course Fee Varies by Course
Telecourse/Online Fee (only applies to online or hybrid courses) 25.00
Telecourse/Online Fee (only applies for streaming video) 45.00
Use the Tuition and Fees Worksheet to better compute your tuition and fees

While reviewing the costs involved, students should keep in mind that many funding sources are available to help finance your education. Please check CCM’s Financial Aid pages for information and scholarship opportunities.

Full payment is expected by midnight on the due date. Check here for specific payment information.

Click the following link for Senior Citizens reduced rates.

Click the following link for the College’s refund policy.

The College reserves the right to change tuition and fees herein stated at any time by action of the Board of Trustees.