A stop in our office will be part of the process in:

Academic Dismissal

A student placed on academic dismissal following academic probation on the basis of an unsatisfactory Cumulative Point Average may appeal to this office. Final decisions will be made by the Academic Review Committee.

Academic Integrity

An alleged violation of the Academic Integrity policy (Academic Dishonesty) will be brought to the attention of this office and, if necessary, be referred to The Academic Integrity Review Board.

Filing a Complaint

At County College of Morris, every effort is made to maintain a positive and productive teaching and learning environment in the classroom. It is expected that faculty and students will demonstrate mutual respect and understanding towards this goal. Faculty should consult the “Student Code of Conduct” or the handbook on “Dealing with Disruptive Behavior in the Classroom and On Campus” for procedures in addressing problems with students. In those instances in which students have a problem in a class or with a faculty member that need to be addressed, specific procedures should be followed.

Reinstatement to Classes

If a student has been removed from class rosters due to non-payment of tuition, an Add/Drop form must be completed and delivered to this office for approval. A reinstatement fee may apply.

Harassment/Discrimination Concerns

Conflict resolution, sexual harassment and Code of Conduct procedures are specifically defined at CCM.  If a student feels as though they have been mistreated or have had their rights violated for any reason, concerns may be directed to the Dean of Students Office.

Student Rights and Responsibilities

Students should become familiar with the Student Rights and Responsibilities document.

Tuition Refund Exceptions

A request for an exception to the Tuition Refund policy must be made to this office. Authorization for refund is given only in extenuating circumstances that are clearly documented. The request must be made through the Tuition Refund Appeal portal.

Violations of the Student Code of Conduct

Instances of misconduct based on the Student Code of Conduct will be brought to the attention of this office, and in conjunction with the Student Judicial Board, disciplinary actions are decided. An appeal request in the form of a letter addressed to the Dean of Students, must be presented to this office.