What You Will Learn

The Criminal Justice-Legal Assistant program provides students with a solid background in the legal system. Students study legal topics within the criminal, civil and family court systems. The program provides students with a strong foundation in different types of law, how cases are investigated and prepared, negotiated and taken to court.

Why Study at CCM?

There are over two million attorneys in the United States and over 98,000 in New Jersey. Our state ranks sixth out of 51 judicial jurisdictions in the country. Morris County is home to the third highest number of attorneys in the state—over 3,000 attorneys in our county! This provides numerous employment opportunities for students during their studies and then after earning their certificate.

Career Opportunities

The average base salary for a paralegal in New Jersey is $55,813, according to Indeed.com. The average salary for a legal assistant in New Jersey is $56,111, according to Salary.com.