What You Will Learn

In today’s technology-driven society, data is being amassed, analyzed, and used to determine business decisions, measure environmental changes, make healthcare decisions, guide sports teams, generate news articles and reports and more. The newest artificial intelligent tools are set to transform our society as we know it. Data Science is the foundation driving these technological applications and it makes a very compelling argument for pursuing this discipline.

Why Study at CCM?

There are many reasons why you should study Data Science at CCM: The Associate of Science degree program is designed to prepare students to transfer to baccalaureate programs in Data Science or Computer Science; Completion of the degree program provides graduates the foundation to pursue an entry-level position or internships in the data analytics field; and so much more!

Career Opportunities

According to Glassdoor, data scientists are one of the most highly in-demand and sought-after careers worldwide. The starting salary in New Jersey is over 100K for entry-level positions: Big Data Engineer, Business Intelligence Engineer, Data Analytics Consultant, Data Architect, Data Business Analyst, Data Visualization Developer, Data Scientist, Junior Data Support Specialist, Machine Learning Scientist, Operations Analyst, Predictive Analytics Professional, Project Manager, Quantitative Analyst, Report and Analytics Designer, Report and Analytics Developer, Statistician.