What You Will Learn

Information Technology is a field of options! IT bridges gaps between technology and business with a global reach. There is tremendous growth in information technology as industries like finance, healthcare, and education that invest in technology solutions. Wherever your interests lie, there is a need for Information Technology.

Why Study at CCM?

There are many reasons why you should study Information Technology Science at CCM: Learn current technical skills that can land you a job or enhance your current job skills in the in-demand field of information technology; Specialized track options that match your area of interest including Cybersecurity, Networking, Web Development, Mobile App Development, Digital Forensics, and Data Science; Curriculum to prepare you for industry certifications…and more!

Career Opportunities

With an Associate’s degree you can become a: Computer technician, System administrator,Web developer, Database developer, Cyber security analyst. With a bachelor’s degree you can become a: Security administrator, Network engineer, Software engineer, IT Support Specialist