What You Will Learn

Biology is one of the most rapidly developing sciences due to the growing need for trained professionals in new, as well as traditional fields, including medical, environmental, research and veterinary. The curriculum at CCM with each of its seven tracks reflects this expanding science and its related technologies by emphasizing the sciences and mathematics in a Liberal Arts Program.

Why Study at CCM?

Students who study Biology at the County College of Morris will learn from enthusiastic and dedicated faculty members who have the knowledge and experience to guide students with a wide range of courses. Faculty members help students achieve their goals by using state-of-the-art laboratories and equipment. CCM students will have a solid foundation of knowledge and critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Career Opportunities

Biologist, Biological Technician, Environmental Technician, Environmental Scientist/Specialist, Occupational Health/Safety Specialist, Veterinarian, Pharmaceutical Sales Representative, Chiropractor, Physician/Physician’s Assistant, Biology Teacher, Registered Dietitian, Dentist/Hygienist