Chemistry, Associate in Science

Chemistry students in labA Science and Mathematics Option

Chemistry is a versatile subject area and the pursuit of a career in chemistry can be a most intellectually satisfying experience. No other basic science touches and shapes as many aspects of modern society as chemistry. From soft contact lenses and synthetic blood to alternative fuel sources, and advances in medicine and biotechnology, the study of chemistry has provided the solution to complex problems and has improved the quality of all phases of human life. The fact that chemists at all levels of education find a market for their skills and knowledge in every employment area is further demonstration of the scope of the science of chemistry.

Chemists provide the backbone for manufacturing industries, such as pharmaceuticals, laboratories, environmental protection and for government positions in regulatory agencies. The study of chemistry opens doors to satisfying careers and to a professional life in which the tendency to ask “why” can lead to rewarding endeavors.

Upon completion of CCM’s Chemistry Option of the Science and Mathematics Associate Degree in Science students will be able to:

  • Define and explain the key ideas and foundational concepts in the chemical sciences.
  • Demonstrate the correct use of chemical equipment and instrumentation and proper laboratory and safety techniques.
  • Explain and apply the scientific method including designing, conducting and analyzing experiments.
  • Locate, analyze and evaluate scientific literature and synthesize the information obtained to effectively communicate scientific information in written and/or oral format.
  • Identify and assess ethical issues as they pertain to the chemical sciences.
  • Solve problems in the chemical sciences using appropriate mathematical concepts and technology.
  • Identify the role played by the chemical sciences as they relate to the individual and society.