The Science Center is located on the first floor of  DeMare Hall, DH 156 inside the Tutoring Center.  Tutoring is conducted by both peer and faculty tutors.  Services include one-on-one tutoring appointments, workshops, class and lab review sessions, as well as microscopes and anatomy and physiology models for hands-on studying.

All students taking Biology and Chemistry classes are encouraged to attend tutorial sessions to ask questions about course material they do not quite understand, or to get help with study skills and to review assignments.

If you wish to schedule a tutoring appointment, Click here . For more information you may call 973-328-5367 or stop by DeMare Hall 156.

Fall 2019 Workshop Series

Workshop 1 – Effective Study Strategies for Success in Gen. Bio. and A&P (Part 1) w/ Dr. Birrer & Prof. Burns – 9/17/19,   12:30-1:30 pm DH 158

Workshop 2 – Solving Problems Using Dimensional Analysis with Dr. Stoler – 9/23/19, 2-3 pm, CH 174

Workshop 3 – Scientific Writing with Prof. Kelly – 10/1/19, 12:30-1:30 pm, SH 261

Workshop 4 – Solving Problems Using Aqueous Solution Stoichiometry With Dr. Stoler – 10/28/19 2-3 pm, CH 174

Workshop 5 – Effective Study Strategies for Success in Gen. Bio. and A&P (Part 2) w/ Dr. Birrer & Prof. Burns – 11/5/19,   12:30-1:30 pm DH 158

Workshop 6 – Scientific Writing with Prof. Gigliotti – 11/7/19, 12:30-1:30 pm, CH 174


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