The distinction of Faculty or Dean Emeritus is a unique and special honor bestowed by the County College of Morris Board of Trustees. The title is reserved for only the most outstanding individuals who have retired but left an indelible memory behind.

The following honorees worked at least 15 years for County College of Morris and exemplified the highest ethical standards with their students, colleagues and superiors.


Appointment Date
Dr. Morris Lieff 1987
Dr. Mary Alys Ruther 1989
Mary B. Wolf 1990
Rita Licciardolo 1991
George Alvey 1991
Dr. Carlo Prisco 1993
Dr. Terrence West 1993 (posthumously)
Dr. Robert L. Ramsdale 1997 (posthumously)
Frederic J. Bednarek 1998
Dr. Philip Edgecomb 1998
Dr. Beth B. Hess 1998
Mary Ann Gray 1999
Xavier F. Gonzalez 2000
Margaret Shoenfelt Kirsch 2001 (posthumously)
Dr. Dominick Orefice 2002
Dr. Louise Mayo 2003
Dr. Judith Raulf 2003
Sara Pfaffenroth 2005
Dr. Patrick Biesty 2006
Marilyn Ayres 2007
Dr. John Gorman 2007
Joanna Stoskus 2007
Louise Bernauer Olshan 2010
Joan Cook 2010
Robert C. Gebhardt 2010
Frank Doto 2011
Dr. Noel P. Robinson 2012
Dr. Fred S. Einstein 2012
Jan-Marie Traynor 2013
Joan R. Monaghan 2013
Parthasarathy Iyengar, PE 2014
Sharon Kapica 2015
Bonnie Murphy 2015
Sander Zulauf 2017
Nial McCabe 2018
Tony Cupo 2020
Dr. Roger McCoach 2020
Dr. Janet Eber 2022