The Academic Success Center (TASC) is responsible for on-boarding new students to the CCM community by providing them with a one-on-one connection to a Student Success Specialist (SSS) at the point of registration. SSSs at TASC provide first-year students with academic advisement and support, as well as guidance and support on establishing and navigating campus connections. Additionally, the TASC team provides thoughtful interventions and strategies for improvement for all CCM students who may be facing academic challenges.

Jill Wells portraitJill Wells

Coordinator, Academic Advisement and Student Success

Often time students have the tendency to hurry through their education – to finish up classes, get through their semesters or complete their degrees or certificates as soon as possible. While our team supports academic goals – we want to encourage students take a holistic view of their CCM education. Each student we connect and work with in The Academic Success Center helps us to better understand “what is Student Success” for that particular student. Our job here is simple: to consider each student as an individual – and to provide information and resources that will help that student be successful at CCM.

Amanda Ciesla PortraitAmanda Ciesla

Student Success Specialist

As a former student of CCM, it was here that I began identifying what “being successful” meant to me, and it is my goal to help each student I meet with begin to do the same. It is my belief that success is defined differently by all of us. Whether “success” shows itself through enhancing one’s strengths, or in having the ability to recognize and defy our obstacles, it is a continuous personal and academic process. My role is to act as a guide, support, and point of reference to each student who is on their way to being their most successful self. Having the ability to set and obtain goals, no matter how big or small, is what I consider success, and I hope to support as many students as I can along their personal journey of success at County College of Morris.

Tammy Dawkins portraitTammy Dawkins

Student Success Specialist

I am so excited to be working with The Academic Success Center to take on all of its new endeavors to support incoming and current students. I know all too well the significance and impact of academic advising from my own time in college. To me, student success is carefully planning and preparing for the future you want to create and putting in the hard work early to achieve your goals.

Danielle Fox PortraitDanielle Fox

Student Success Specialist

For some, success may be getting on the Dean’s List, for others, it may be passing an especially difficult math class and for others, it may mean finally deciding on a major that will bring about a rewarding and fulfilling career. For me, as a Student Success Specialist success is helping students find meaning and purpose in their college experience. When this meaning translates into knowledge and life skills, I believe students have the necessary tools to become successful in all aspects of their lives. These skills not only benefit students during their time at CCM but in future endeavors as well. One of my goals is to assist students in advocating for themselves during college, and helping them navigate the resources and supports on campus. This is a key aspect to their success. What does success mean to you? Let’s work together to help you become the most successful student you can be!

Liz Ouimet PortraitLiz Ouimet

Student Success Specialist

I believe student success to be personalized and individualized. Students should see their success in relation to their dreams for their future, the possibilities that await them, their hopes for a fulfilling standard of living, and happiness in what they do. They should believe that there are no limitations to what they can achieve. My role here is to support and foster student motivation and confidence with resources that are available at CCM to help guide students to achieve that positive mindset for their success.

Maureen Stivala PortraitMaureen Stivala

Student Success Specialist

I have worked and worn many hats in my many years working at CCM.  Most recently I left a position in Academic Affairs, to work with students in The Academic Success Center.  Working as a Student Success Specialist allows me to “pay it forward” by helping students achieve their goals.  My idea of student success is to help students realize and achieve their educational goals one step at a time – from enrolling in their first semester – to earning an Associate degree or Certificate.  As a former student and proud alumni of CCM, I was guided by a non-traditional, first generation, single-mother student when I attended – and  I can tell you that  I “started right” at CCM; I want all my students to do the same.

Brezhnev IbehBrezhnev Ibeh

Student Success Specialist

Success is defined uniquely by each individual student. Achieving success is a journey, and certainly not an error-free one. My job as Student Success Specialist is to first, foster an environment where students are free to make those mistakes – without judgement – and then to help them understand how they may use these experiences to contribute to their educational goals. Providing the tools, resources, and guidance to support their mission is a critical component of the process, and might be the most important aspect of my role. It is a position of service, and one that I am privileged to be in.

Mia Wang

Student Success Specialist

MIa Wang PortraitWhen students find purpose and meaning in their college experience – they have achieved student success. Coming from a multicultural background, my role as a Student Success Specialist is to help students to define their own unique goals, and to guide and support them as they progress through their CCM college education. I encourage students to proactively connect with the faculty and staff to achieve their educational and personal goals and use all the resources and tools available to them, to have a complete and fulfilling experience at CCM.