What You Will Learn

Respiratory therapists assist physicians in diagnosing breathing disorders, assessing patients and recommending changes in the therapeutic approach to patient care. In addition to delivering treatment and bedside care, respiratory therapists draw and analyze arterial blood, manage artificial airways and life support devices such as mechanical ventilators.

Why Study at CCM?

Full time and adjunct faculty have diverse educational and professional backgrounds and the faculty to student ratio at CCM is very low in the classroom, laboratory and clinical setting. Students have access to a technologically advanced education. The Respiratory Therapy Laboratory is state-of-the art and equipped with ventilators, intubation devices, spirometers, and arterial blood gas monitors.

Career Opportunities

Registered Respiratory Therapists work in a variety of settings including Air Transport, Emergency Rooms, Home Care, Hospitals, Intensive Care Units, Newborn and Pediatric Intensive Care Units, Operating Rooms, Physician Offices, Pulmonary Rehabilitation, Sleep Laboratories, Smoking Cessation