What You Will Learn

Music students at County College of Morris (CCM) pursue careers in the music business, music education and music therapy. According to workforce statistics, music majors can also find career opportunities in music publishing and with professional music ensembles.

Why Study at CCM?

Students in the CCM Music program meet a wide range of educational goals and are provided adequate preparation for further study in specialized music fields. Students of any musical background are welcomed into this program and provided equal opportunity to excel. Students are given a comprehensive music foundation including paths in music literacy, theory, aural comprehension and performance. Likewise, they are provided a comprehensive appreciation of all
liberal arts. A liberal arts education gives them an understanding of aesthetics and human expression that is valuable to many employers.

Career Opportunities

Teacher, Performer, Session Musician, Orchestra, Composer, Lyricist, Musical Director, Conductor, Disc Jockey, Video Game Composer, Musical Therapist