Human Services, A Liberal Arts and Sciences Option

Historically the system of human services responded primarily to the needs of the poor.  Today the system is diverse and responds to many human needs.  A limited list of the areas of  need would include drug and alcohol rehabilitation, community mental health, school social services, domestic violence, hospitals and health care, and corrections.  Services can be provided through several techniques, such as case work, group work and community organization.

The Human Services option allows the student a specialization in various areas of social welfare. The course material provides an understanding of the values and principles of professional practice; a study of how policies are formed and implemented; a realization of the various human needs which develop in modern societies and how they are responded to by human service agencies and providers. In addition, opportunities exist for students to do volunteer work with local agencies.

Articulation Agreements

Students should check with the Transfer Office about articulation agreements with this program.

Associate in Arts Degree

The university-parallel curriculums are designed to meet the basic requirements of the first two years of college programs for students who plan to graduate and transfer to a senior college or university to study for the baccalaureate degree. They offer a wide range of flexibility in terms of the student’s ultimate educational goals and provide adequate preparation for further study leading to professional competence in specialized fields. These programs also accommodate individuals who seek two years of a liberal higher education.

The program offers options in Human Services; Humanities/International Studies; Humanities/Media Studies–Broadcasting; Humanities/Media Studies–Journalism; Humanities/Music; and Humanities/Social Science.