Kai Roberts: Mental Health Through Music

In this high energy presentation, Kai Roberts—recording artist, producer, and national speaker on mental health awareness, shares the story of his battle with anxiety and panic disorder through interactive dialogue and hip-hop music. Kai has presented and performed all over the country, sharing personal stories of persevering through anxiety and creating positive conversations around mental health.

Mental Health First Aid Accelerated

We know that being there for students is important, but it is not always obvious how to support them. The recent emotional and social challenges that students are facing have made it even more crucial for faculty and staff to attend to students’ mental health needs. This training will help you learn about some common signs to look for to know when a student may be experiencing mental health concerns. It will also talk about what resources are available and how to connect students to help.

Quick Tips on How to Help Students in Crisis: Through the In-Person and Virtual Environment

Have you ever had a student tell you that they are struggling with their mental health?  It’s difficult to know what to do in these situations, especially in a virtual environment. Join us, and guest presenter Tracy Klingener from the Mental Health Association of Essex and Morris, as we discuss the steps to take ensure your student’s safety and techniques to use when students who are experiencing a mental health crisis.

From varying learning styles to life responsibilities, the Latinx student population is an at-risk cohort that benefits from a unique approach. Often, deviation from cultural norms and language leave a student questioning, “Do I belong here?” Our job is to create a space of support and say “Yes!” This presentation will discuss the needs of Hispanic/Latinx students and how to create a community of support in and out of the classroom.