The EOF application and instructions are available online. To apply now – CLICK HERE!  If you have any trouble completing the online application, please contact us by phone at 973-328-5270 or via email at

Admission to the EOF Program

Consideration for the EOF program is given only to applicants who submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) or the NJ Alternative Financial Aid Application, an application for admission to CCM, and an application to the EOF Program.

Application Process

  • Complete the CCM admission application process. This includes an application fee and a basic skills test.
  • Complete the EOF application. A copy can be obtained from the EOF office or by clicking the above link. Be sure it is properly signed, dated and all information is filled out.
  • Complete the online FAFSA (Free Application for Federal State Aid) and provide EOF with a copy (Student Aid Report). Be sure that it is signed by student and parent before it is submitted, and list CCM as first choice college (code 007106). The FAFSA Application is available online: Please remember to complete the State’s additional questions either through the FAFSA Confirmation Page or directly via
  • If you are a New Jersey Dreamer* (undocumented and DACA students), you must complete the NJ Alternative Financial Aid Application ONLY at  
  • Arrange to come to the EOF office for an applicant interview.

Documentation Required

  • Copies of last two years of parent and student’s income information (IRS tax return transcript), and/or Social Security, Social Service verifying benefits for both you and your parent or guardian which can include welfare and/or SNAP formerly food stamps statements and all supporting documentation.
  • Copies of parent(s) Unemployment Benefits with supporting documentation.
  • Copies of two forms of id, and if applicable; a copy of your permanent resident card.
  • Copy of your Student Aid Report. (On completion of FAFSA application, please print copy of submission) or copy of NJ Alternative Financial Aid Application.
  • Copies of Court documents if you are a Ward of the State.
  • EOF transfer form (ONLY for students who are currently enrolled in an EOF program at another college and will be transferring to CCM). For other non-EOF transfers, this form is not a requirement.

Documentation Submission


Please be advised that EOF is not part of the Office of Financial Aid, we are an academic support program with a state financial aid grant attached to it. Although we work very closely with the Financial Aid Office, you must direct all questions about your financial aid awards, filing FAFSA or NJ Alternative Financial Aid Application or CCM Foundation Scholarships and any other related inquiries to Financial Aid.