How do I get started?

Answer these questions…What is your academic plan? Do you plan to earn a Bachelor’s degree? What will your major be when you transfer? Are you in the right program at CCM to complete the pre-requisites? Have you started to look at which schools offer your major? Have you visited the campus or connected with an admission representative? Have you discussed your transfer plans with your advisor or the Office of Transfer Services? We can help, but the first step is to explore your options!

How do I send my transcript?

That is easy! Click here for transcript information.

Can I transfer if I do not earn my degree at CCM?

Of course, you can, but there are benefits to completing your degree before you transfer.  Under the New Jersey State-Wide Transfer Agreement, completing an AA or AS degree will waive the general education requirement and you will enter as a junior. This applies to New Jersey public colleges and universities like Rutgers, Montclair, William Paterson, etc.. Many NJ private institutions follow these guidelines as well.  This is something you should discuss with your advisor or someone in Transfer Services.

In addition, if you complete your degree it is likely the admissions office at your prospective school will focus on your CCM transcript, not high school grades or standardized tests.

Will my courses transfer to a school out-of-state?

Yes! CCM has partnerships with out-of-state institutions and many CCM graduates transfer to schools outside of New Jersey. CCM degrees are designed to transfer, especially AA, AS, and AFA degree programs. You want to make sure you are taking the right courses; consult with your advisor, the Office of Transfer Services, and the Transfer Admissions Counselor at your prospective school to make sure you are on track. Check the university website for a transfer equivalency tool/database.

Can I transfer with a D grade?

One benefit of the State-Wide Transfer Agreement (NJ public schools) is that the entire degree transfers (including D’s).

If you earned a “D’ in a course required for your major you should definitely repeat it. If you plan to transfer out-of-state or to a private college, you should repeat the course. If you need to improve your GPA to meet admissions requirements, you should repeat the course. Consult with the Office of Transfer Services; we can help!

Where can I find a school that offers my major?

Here are some of the resources I suggest when exploring transfer options. First, does CCM partner with schools for your program, if you are not sure reach out to your advisor to learn more about our partnerships.

Planning to stay in New Jersey, check out Transfer Programs on

College Board, my Big Future is a great tool! Search for schools based on major, location, size, cost, and other factors. Check it out!

Will my GPA transfer?

No you will start with a new GPA when you transfer to another school.