Caldwell University

We will take pass/fail but for it to transfer needs to be C or higher. We do have some flexibility but will be on an individual basis.

Centenary University

Centenary will be accepting the P grades at our lowest transfer grade (C-) for this semester

Drew University

***2020 Transfer Credit Policy Exception*** Many colleges and universities, including Drew University, are making some variation of pass/fail grades available to students in response to the disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Given this situation, Drew University has approved an exception to our transfer credit policy and will allow for the transfer of pass/fail courses taken during spring 2020. Pass/fail courses taken during spring 2020 with a grade of P, or the equivalent, will be accepted for transfer credits and can be used to satisfy general education and major requirements.

Montclair State University

Montclair State will accept pass/fail, provided the course is college level.

New Jersey City University

Yes, we do currently accept P grades from community colleges. We will continue to accept P grades in accordance with the NJ Statewide Transfer agreement. The agreement guarantees acceptance of C- and D grades as part of the earned associate’s degree, which we will extend to all P grades.

Rutgers University Newark

Rutgers-Newark will accept grades of P in courses that are equivalent to Rutgers courses.

The notice is at the top of our admissions page here:

Rutgers University New Brunswick

Pass/fail grades will… be accepted for transfer students, and credits will be awarded for all courses with a Pass indicated.

Rutgers Business School New Brunswick

RBS is staying consistent with the University and will be accepting P/F grades as well as online summer courses.

Rowan University

This semester, our institution gave all of our undergraduates the option to complete their courses on a Pass/No Credit basis.  We will continue to award transfer credit for all courses awarded grades of P as we have always done in the past. This semester, even in cases where a specific grade is required for a pre-requisite, grades of P will be accepted.

Seton Hall University

Seton Hall will accept pass/fail credits for incoming transfer credits. However, if these credits are in the major the student wishes to pursue they will be applied as elective credit unless determined otherwise by the academic department

Stockton University

Any P grade earned for courses taken in the Spring 2020 term at either a regionally-accredited two- or four-year institution will be accepted and applied to the appropriate degree requirement.

The College of New Jersey

In keeping with TCNJ’s 2020 Semester Ungraded Option policy, courses taken for a pass/fail or credit/no credit grade in the Spring 2020 semester wherein a passing grade or credit was earned are accepted for transfer credit.

Thomas Edison University

Yes, we will! No concern here as TESU accepts transfer credit with a grade of P (pass), S (satisfactory) or CR (credit) or any such grade used by the school, as long as the school equates the grade to a C or better at the UG level. If you aren’t sure, check the school’s website for grading definitions. A grade of pass, satisfactory or credit, can be used to fulfill any degree requirement that uses C or better such as English Composition I and II as well as Area of Study courses. Be sure to have the courses officially planned by TESU Academic Advising if you haven’t already to make sure they are appropriate for your degree requirements.

William Paterson University

William Paterson University will accept P letter grades for Spring and Summer courses. If a student is applying to Nursing or Pre-Med we are recommending that they do not take courses P/F.